Let me tell you something about myself. My name is Jirka “Želva- Turtle ” Hrála. I was born in May 5th, 1981. The nickname Turtle has been given me by my father long time ago, when I was a small boy. I also do not remember when I started being the knives fan , maybe also since my early childhood. But my own producing of the knives was initiated by a very special gift from my fried. He got me a forge!

Thanks to the help and understanding of my landlord I have cleaned out the old horse stable and I furnished it for a small smithy. Since this event I started being keen on smithery, spending all my leisure time by working in my lovely forge. I love to remake the old misused things like old bearings, shafts and the various unidentified pieces of metal giving them the new face and making them useful for the people again. Of course I like also to work with the new staff like the high quality steel or stainless steel, esp. if working on the new interesting knife.

The unusual technical solution is always a challenge for me, any specialty is for me a very attractive task . By the way, you can see the examples of my work on the photos here.

I believe you will like my knives which are on the pictures. I would be more than happy with your ideas, wishes, remarks, recommendations, with any comments you can kindly send me. I am sure any inputs of my potential customers or from the people who like anything what is handmade can move my work ahead and inspire me!