Hunter cleaver…Mercedes spring leaf blade with groove, konvex edge sharpened to zero, casted bronze guard, rawhide wrap,antler handles and steel rivets…rawhide sheath….

Big Iron

for Michael’s hip…15,3 inch blade from Chevy Camaro 1978 spring leaf …oak from old Pilsner Urquell beer barell..sheath is rawhide and tin.. Knife is 2 Lbs without sheath..whole lenght 23 „


Gift for small girl Liliana from her father..Elmax blade,60 HRc, tattoo, carving and scrim by Petr Houně..Handles from mammoth ivory and 925/1000 silver pins.. Lily carved from elephant ivory, 18K gold and 925 silver…


Fighter for Mike, my friend from Minneapolis…. Sleipner steel blade with DLC, hardened guard and pommel from O1-coated DLC too..leather handle.. Sheath with Arkansas whetstone pouch made by my dad


My tribute to classic military knives, two brothers in arms…Blades forged from Sleipner steel, flat grind with convex edge, coated DLC after sharpening, guard and pommel from O1 steel, coated DLC too… Sheaths made by my father